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Dubai’s Al Manzil Hotel Tops Grosvenor House

ImageThe little known four star Southern Sun Al Manzil in downtown Burj Khalifa has been ranked by the TripAdvisor website as number one out of 370 properties in Dubai.   The South African managed hotel has bumped Grosvenor House to take the number one spot in Dubai, thanks to dozens of five star ratings and enthusiastic praise from users. 

TripAdvisor determines overall satisfaction based on ratings and reviews posted by guests.  Al Manzil is the only four star hotel included in the top ten rated hotels in Dubai.  TripAdivisor reports that the average price of a room at the hotel is US$249 (Dh914) while the average rate at Grosvenor House, which now is ranked in second place is  US$585.  Visitors to the hotel describe it as much more “low key” than other typical top hotels in Dubai.  One visitor from South Africa said the ambience fits with the low-key profile, but the facilities are excellent.


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