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Banyan Tree to wind up order of $1m in Abu Dhabi

altMarch 12- Acclaimed luxury resorts operator, Banyan Tree is seeking legal action against Al-Areen Desert Spa and Resorts in Bahrain over an unpaid bill of $1 million. Banyan Tree has filed a petition for the winding up of operations of Al Areen in a bid to recover $1.12 million.

“It is common knowledge that the financial crisis has impacted several entities in the Middle East; to a certain degree, it has affected some of our hotels. We endeavour to operate with the highest standards, and if we are unable to settle issues amicably, we need to defend our own credibility and as a matter of principle, take a firm position with regards to any breaches and outstanding debts," said the company in a statement.
Banyan Tree has five other projects under development in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Egypt.


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