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Al Areen: Breach of Contract Won’t Be Tolerated

altMarch 14- Al Areen Holding Company hit back at Bahrain’s Banyan Tree operators on Saturday, in response to Banyan Tree’s petition to wind-up Al Areen Desert Spa and Resorts.   Al Areen released a statement saying it will not tolerate any breach of contract by Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts to operate the desert resort property.” 

Luxury Resorts operator Banyan Tree petition filed the petition in order to recover $1.12 million it is allegedly owed under a hotel management agreement signed in March 2005   Al Areen now says that the Bahrain resort losses were due to poor facility maintenance, mismanagement, and inactive promotional activities.  Chief executive officer and owners’ representative, Tariq Al Jowder, said in a statement that the company had spent over $200 million on the resort and it will not tolerate anything that will compromise its high quality of service.


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