Abu Dhabi Top Contender For Club Med

Abu Dhabi has emerged as the top contender in the emirate to host the UAE’s first Club Med, beating out neighboring Dubai.  Ras al Khaimah is also being considered.  The French resort operator favors Abu Dhabi because of the wide availability of beachfront land, its environmental policies, and a tourism policy that emphasizes culture and nature.   Club Med was once renowned for its mass marketed campaigns targeting the young, single holiday maker but has since rebranded itself as a company offering family oriented, luxury, all-inclusive stays. 

Vice President of global development for Club Med said “At the moment we are starting discussions with groups in Abu Dhabi and we are addressing some potential sites.”    Last month Club Med signed an agreement with Oman’s Muriya Tourism Development Company to open a luxury resort in Salalah, on the southern coast of Oman.

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