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Space Hotel - would you prefer a room with a view of the moon or the earth?

SpaceStationHotelThe journey will cost you about $750,000 and the five days stay will add another $150,000 to the bill but for just under $1 million this may be the ultimate holiday for those with spare change. Richard Branson is already booking passengers on his Virgin Galactic space odyssey but his customers do not have a hotel in the sky - yet!


If Russian entrepreneur Sergei Kostenko has his way, then by 2015 his Orbital Technologies may be offering guests vertical or horizontal beds with views of the earth or the moon. The company is associated with RSC Energia which is the main contractor for the Russian International Space Stations. According to Kostenko, the space hotel will only have 7 guest rooms - with a rather steep revenue per room rate.


When you are spending that kind of money there is good likelihood that a Michelin star chef will be offering gourmet dishes cooked in zero gravity. After all, you do want your guests to write raving reviews on TripAdvisor.


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