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Sinai Temple Carvings Shed Light On Pharaoh’s Dark Age

ImageCarvings unearthed in ancient temples in the Sinai Peninsula may help explain one of the more obscure periods in Pharaonic history.  Mission head for Egyptian archeologists said there is a carving of King Ramses I standing before the god Set.  The Hyksos worshipped King Ramses and rare inscriptions found on the temple walls relate to them.  Hyksos means “foreign ruler” in Greek and they were intensely hate by the Egyptians.  They were Asiatic people who invaded Egypt during the 12th century and ruled between 1991 and 1801 BC.  When the Egyptians returned to power they destroyed all Hyksos monuments and records.

The new discoveries include inscriptions relating to an array of Gods and Kings and may help rewrite Sinai history.  They were immediately taken to Cairo for analysis.


New seaside resort in Qatar

Those of you planning a trip to Qatar may want to check out Qatar’s first leisure destination Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort, which has now opened following a major
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