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Tourist police must be allowed at airport: Minister

titleJune 24 - Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud warned airport authorities of dire consequences if the tourism police were not allowed inside Beirut international Airport to provide support to tourists. “If we don’t reach any satisfying results in this regard during the few coming days, I will be holding a press conference to announce the problems I have faced since I came to the tourism ministry,” he said.

He explained that unlike most countries the tourism police are also not allowed to deal with transportation issues at the airport. “Moreover, the ministry is not permitted to redecorate the area located near the airport tarmacs,” he said. “I have been in this ministry for 18 months and there are a lot of issues in this sector that I have not solved yet.”

Abboud was speaking during a press conference organised by the International Chamber of Commerce at Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel in Beirut to address the challenges faced by the sector in Lebanon. He also announced the launch of the council for the promotion of the country. “I personally belong to the private sector and one week of accomplishments in this sector needs a year of work in the public sector to reach the same results,” he said.

The Tourism Minister also said that among the various problems that he has dealt with in the last few months, the lack of an office at the airport where tourists can book a taxi is foremost. “Prime Minister Saad Hariri approved this decision three months ago but unfortunately it has not been implemented yet,” he said.

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