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flydubai begins operations at Al Maktoum International (DWC)


Selected flydubai flights to and from Dubai now operate into and out of Al Maktoum International-Dubai World Central (DWC). The following destinations operate into and out of Al Maktoum International (DWC):







Flights to these destinations will also continue to be available to and from Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport (DXB), so check your flight schedules carefully when making a booking.

Schedules can be subject to change, so when booking your flight, please check the airport of arrival and the airport of departure carefully as well.


Last Updated on Sunday, 01 November 2015 16:31

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Dubai International Airport records highest ever monthly traffic


Dubai International registered the highest monthly traffic in its 55-year history with 7.2 million passengers in August.


According to the latest traffic report issued by operator Dubai Airports, traffic at the world’s number one hub for international passengers reached 7,282,256, up 9.5 per cent from 6,648,058 recorded during the same month in 2014.


The year to date traffic totalled 52,264,223, up 12.4 per cent compared to 46,479,919 recorded during the first eight months last year.


The bumper traffic was boosted by the seasonal rush of travellers, including inbound traffic of residents returning for the start of the academic year, as well as increase in flight frequency and launch of new services by Emirates, flydubai and other airlines.


India remained the top destination country (855,550 passengers) with financial capital Mumbai as the busiest destination, followed by the UK (543,213 passengers) and Saudi Arabia (480,051 passengers).


London was the top destination city followed closely by Kuwait and Doha.


Paul Griffiths, chief executive of Dubai Airports, said: “We are very pleased with the traffic so far this year, particularly the record-breaking numbers in August.


“DXB has welcomed over 700 million passengers in its five-and-a-half decade history, clocking an unparalleled average growth rate of over 15 per cent.


“Our mission is to ensure that the success story of Dubai’s aviation sector continues over the coming decades.”


Last Updated on Sunday, 04 October 2015 17:18

Hits: 180

Orlando Airport to add prayer room ahead of Emirates arrival


Orlando International Airport will introduce a Muslim prayer room in time for Emirates Airline’s nonstop flights in and out of Orlando.


The airport will spend close to $250,000 to build the 4,000 square foot prayer room, which is set to open for Emirates’ inaugural flight on September 1. The room will also feature an ablution area, carry-on-luggage bins and shoe racks, as well as directional signs for the Ka’aba.


The “Reflection Room” is an example of Orlando International Airport’s aim to cater to a diverse population for the coexistence of different cultures and meditative practices. With hundreds of new Muslim passengers entering Orlando on Emirates Airline’s new service, the airport wants to provide the amenities that would make them feel at ease. 


Last Updated on Thursday, 13 August 2015 15:28

Hits: 298

Stockholm Arlanda Airport installs weather simulator


Are you one of those people who just refuse to trust weather apps and assume the weather at the desired destination ’won’t be that bad’ - only to find that you were so very wrong? Well, Sweden’s got your problem solved.


From now until the end of August 2015, travelers can step into a shiny booth that uses live data around the planet to stimulate a variety of weather environments. That’s right, you can stick by your opinion on weather apps and get a live feel of the exact climate in your desired destination before even landing at it. 


The “climate portal”, located in the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, uses wind generators, temperature controllers and audio-visual cues to recreate the experience of stepping into hot, dry deserts, chilled icy plains or crowded cityscapes.


Enjoy a brand-new experience before your next trip. Welcome to the Climate Portal in Terminal 5.


Access to the booth is free and open for all.

Last Updated on Monday, 15 June 2015 17:55

Hits: 399

Dubai Airport braces for busiest travel day

If you are planning to travel out from Dubai airport between Thursday, December 18 and Monday December 22, 2014, you should prepare for long lines and possible delays. December 19 2014 is expected to be the busiest day for travel at Dubai Airport.


The Dubai Airport authorities are advising passengers to leave home at least three hours before the departure of the flight. Try to reach the airport early and say goodbyes at home rather than having friends and family drop you off at the airport. Besides, it is best to check the airline's baggage allowance and pack accordingly. Re-packing at the check-in counter causes anxiety and delays.


Checking in online and using the e-gate card are also ways of ensuring that your trip goes smoothly.


Emirates Airlines is expecting 80,000 passengers will fly out from Dubai on December 19, 2014 on their 240 flights. Top destinations out of Dubai include London, Bangkok, Mumbai, Singapore, Paris and Karachi. If you are traveling as a tourist, be sure to download the Irhal app before you leave. The Irhal app has 90+ city guides including all the above cities - available for both iOS and Android phones.

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:32

Hits: 961

The Airport Frustration Index?

If you are a frequent flyer you may have encountered several frustrating aspects of your airport experience. The first one is getting there. Many airports are far and expensive to get to - not counting the time it takes to get there. Once you are at an airport you may want to use their rest rooms and these can be irritatingly unclean.


Exorbitantly priced food outlets at airports are another worry. Airport security and departure delays all add to spoil the travel experience before it even begins.


The folks at Bloomberg Businessweek decided to compile an index of these frustrating aspects of travel to rate airports across the United States and Canada - unfortunately other international airports are not part of this study.


New York's three airports were among the top 5 most frustrating airports. New York Laguardia was No.1 followed by Newark, Chicago's O'Hare, Washington Dulles and JFK, New York.


The commute time was the worst for JFK airport in New York. Boston's Logan airport on the other hand has the best commute time. If you are at an airport and get the urge to go, try to avoid La Guardia which has the worst rest rooms - the best being in Tampa Florida.


The airport with the lowest Frustration Index - Vancouver International in Canada.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 November 2014 03:38

Hits: 1094

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