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Midex Airlines revenues increase 55 % to 528 million in 2010

altMidex Airlines Company, the national company specialized in air freight, announced about it's revenues increase which is about 55 % in the year 2010,to reach to 528 million versus 340 million dirham in the year 2009 , as the company achieved an operating profits of 158 million dirham .

The total number of flights in 2010,has increased about 50% to reach 1134 flight regular and irregular to basic destinations that it reaches, in return for 760 trip in 2009 , while capacity power has increased after the addition of the two new aeroplanes approximately 100 tons to reach to 540 tons of cargo. And it achieved an increase in revenues during the first half of the year 2010 about 33% , compared with the same period of last year, to reach to 197 million dirhams .

Jasem Albastaki, Director General of Midex Airlines said that : "These positive results for the company are due to the increase of power capacity after the addition of two new airplanes ( Boeing 747 fashion ) in 2010, which enabled Midex to meet the growing demands for services provided by its customers around the world.

He added: "The company has expanded its operations locally and abroad through the provision of services and handling of goods from various airports of the State , so as to meet the needs of a large segment of the company's customers,
pointing out that the Midex Airlines began freight of goods from the airports of Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, which attracts the largest amount of cargo."

Midex Airlines is considered the largest operator of freighting operations in the Middle East that has it's private fleet, including 6 aircrafts and 3 Airbus planes from the giant Boeing 747, as wholly-owned subsidiaries.



New seaside resort in Qatar

Those of you planning a trip to Qatar may want to check out Qatar’s first leisure destination Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort, which has now opened following a major
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