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Etihad’s New System Will Help Sick Passengers

altEtihad Airways on Thursday will install a new “Tempus IC” system on its long and ultra-long haul aircraft to monitor passengers who show signs of sickness.  Cabin crew can use the Tempus IC to quickly and efficiently collect information about a passenger’s health, including ‘vital signs’ like blood pressure and electrocardiogram, as well as take photo imagery.   This information can then be transmitted to a medical team specializing in helping with in-flight contingencies, and the crew can use their advice to determine the best course of action for the patient. 

Etihad Airway’s chief operations officer, Captain Richard Hill, said “Passenger welfare and safety is of the utmost importance to Etihad Airways and the introduction of the Tempus IC system will ensure that when medical emergencies do occur they are evaluated quickly.” The Tempus IC state-of-the-art technology will first be introduced on Etihad’s A340 and Boeing 777 aircraft.


New seaside resort in Qatar

Those of you planning a trip to Qatar may want to check out Qatar’s first leisure destination Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort, which has now opened following a major
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