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Latest News

Wednesday, 20 May 2015
From 9 May to 22 November 2015 you will find a mosque in Venice. This is the first time that the 20,000 Muslims who live in the city will have a proper mosque to pray
Tuesday, 19 May 2015
For only SR 609 you can fly from Jeddah to Dubai on flyNas and if you are willing to pay just SR 100 extra you can fly to Istanbul. These are special fares available
If you are craving good chicken tikkas and kebabs, you will ignore the ambience. Man o Salwa in Boston is not really a
Want to discover Islamic Spain on a budget? The 4-star Eurostar Las Adelfas in Cordoba is offering an excellent opportunity for
You are forgiven if you thought this was some blast from the past. The sepia colors were meant to be deceptive. But these deals
Chicago's premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Water Tower Place, has become one of the foremost tourist
If the summer heat is getting you down, the Crowne Plaza Amman has just the right solution. They have recently renovated their