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Latest News

Tuesday, 25 November 2014
If you are a frequent flyer you may have encountered several frustrating aspects of your airport experience. The first one is getting there. Many airports are far and
Tuesday, 25 November 2014
Dubai's iconic Burj al Arab is one of several hotels that are part of the Jumeirah Group which keep winning awards. The latest accolade was won by Burj al Arab when
Imagine having your family or friends see you off at the airport. Imagine a tearful farewell. And then you head off to your
The cobbled streets of Venice tend to give your wheeled suitcases a bumpy ride. To protect them from damage the Venice City
Winter in Paris can be cold. But the warmth of a special deal which gives you a savings of 40% on room rates could tempt you to
If you are planning a trip to London this winter you can extend your vacation by spending a weekend in Budapest or Barcelona or
Weddings are generally extravagant events. You know you are going overboard and spending irrationally. But it's a wedding. A


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Saudi Airlines special to Casablanca

Saudi Airlines has some special fares on offer to various destinations in Africa. One of their most popular destinations is Casablanca. For just SR 1,720 you can book a