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Car for hire

Car for hire BangkokHiring a car is a better alternative than driving oneself since traffic is chaotic in Bangkok and traffic jams are not an unknown phenomenon. Benefits of hiring a car and driver are that the driver will know his way around the city; he will also speak English in high likelihood and he will be well versed in Thai traffic regulations. In addition tourists are saved the headache of finding parking space which is the driver's job. The downside is that these rental companies often charge exorbitant rates ranging from 300 to 3000 Bahts depending on the length of the trip. The following rental services may be contacted:


Diethelm Travel
Tel: 0255-9150
Website: www.diethelm-travel.com 


Address: Don Muang Railway Station, near the Airport
Tel: 02566- 5067


Address:  2/12 Wireless Road
Tel: 0255-5300


Sea Tour
Tel: 02216-5783


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