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Transportation - Getting Around in Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok's Skytrain [BTS] - Bangkok

Bangkok's Skytrain [BTS]

This system comprises of two lines. The skytrain is ideal since it is  extremely clean, extremely reliable, extremely fast as well as efficient. Prices too are reasonable. Furthermore the skytrain connects with the Mass Rapid Transportation Underground. An added advanatge for passengers is...

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Buses - Bangkok


Buses are a popular mode of travel in Bangkok. Using the bus is advanatgeous since the entire city of Bangkok is covered by the bus network. Prices are extremely reasonable and most of these buses are air-conditioned. The price ranges from 6 Baht to 20 Baht depending on the distance traveled. The...

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Car for hire - Bangkok

Car for hire

Hiring a car is a better alternative than driving oneself since traffic is chaotic in Bangkok and traffic jams are not an unknown phenomenon. Benefits of hiring a car and driver are that the driver will know his way around the city; he will also speak English in high likelihood and he will be well...

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Driving tips - Bangkok

Driving tips

Drivers should carry with them at all times an International Driving License. They should have at least one year driving experience. They should have on them documents pertaining to the car at all times.  Drivers should carry their passports as well. Some traffic police are extremely corrupt...

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From the airport - Bangkok

From the airport

From Suvarnabhumi Terminal: Tourists can take a public taxi from the ground floor of this terminal to wherever they wish to go in Bangkok. The ride is expensive since it includes the airport charge [50 Bahts], the tolls, the meter charge and the tip.
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Mass Rapid Transportation [MRT] - Bangkok

Mass Rapid Transportation [MRT]

This is an underground system and the latest addition to Bangkok's ever modernising public transportation system. This was inaugurated in 2004. These trains are perfectly safe and save time too. Signs/ Announcements are in both Thai and English an added benefit for visitors not well versed in the...

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Taxi - Bangkok


Bangkok's streets are dotted with taxis a popular mode of travel amongst locals and tourists alike.
Most of the taxis have meters, where metered taxis are unanvailable tourists should agree on the rates beforehand. Taxi rides to and from the airport are relatively expensive with...

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Tuk-Tuk - Bangkok


These are like  modernized tricycles, covered at the top and open at the sides.They are normally a cheaper mode of transportation than a taxi. Fares should be agreed upon before passengers get in as these are not metered and the drivers are known to charge exorbitantly. These should  be...

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