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Restaurants in Bangkok - Thailand

Crepes and Co. - Bangkok

Crepes and Co.

The food served here is both delicious and inexpensive. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious. The specialty is the crepes that are both sweet and savory. However, crepes are not the only food item listed on the menu. There are other wonderful options to choose from. Read More

Harmonique - Bangkok


This courtyard restaurants specialty is its seafood based dishes. The taste is great and the prices relatively reasonable. For those who are fans of spicy food with strong garlic flavorings, this is the place to go.

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Kuppa - Bangkok


This restaurant serves quality Thai and Western dishes as well as delectable desserts.
Cuisine: International Address: 39 Sukhumvit Soi 16
Tel: 02663- 0495  ...

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Le Dalat - Bangkok

Le Dalat

The interior of this restaurant is simple and elegant and dotted with antiques placed all over. Seating is both indoors and outdoors where the lovely garden is quite enchanting. Meat and seafood dishes are both listed on the menu though the latter are particularly delectable. Read More

Le Normandie - Bangkok

Le Normandie

The interior of this restaurant is chic and stylish. The view is stunning with guests being able to look out upon the Chao Phraya River. The food is quite simply delicious and of excellent quality. The menu incorporates all traditional French dishes including French cheese and renowned French...

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Maha Naga - Bangkok

Maha Naga

This restaurant located in probably the busiest district in Bangkok has an absolutely fabulous interior and excellent food. Fusion dishes are the specialty here. Grilled meat and seafood marinated in Thai spices are absolutely divine.  
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May Kaidee - Bangkok

May Kaidee

This is a very famous restaurant in Bangkok which has its very own clientele. The food is more than affordable and more importantly absolutely delicious. All dishes are vegetable based so this is definitely the place to go to for veggie lovers! Soups to salads to noodles to curries- you name it,...

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MBK Food Court - Bangkok

MBK Food Court

This is a popular food court amongst locals and foreigners alike. With a collection of street food stalls in one place, guests can choose from a diverse menu. Vegetarian dishes are the specialty here.
  Cuisine: Chinese Address: Siam Square  ...

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