The Grand Palace

This is arguable the most famous of Bangkok's attractions. The Grand Palace which once housed the Thai Royal Family is a sight to behold. Built by King Rama i in 1782 when Bangkok became the capital, there is a dress code to be observed when visiting this place and visitors are required to have their legs and arms covered. King Rama's son's tutor Anna [famed by the film The King and I] lived over here. There are many important sites located within the Palace Gates; these include the Pavilion for Holy Water [Thai Monks swore allegiance to the King and purified themselves here], the Disrobing Pavilion where the Royal Elephants were kept and where the King mounted his before processions, the funeral Hall where Thai royals who have passed away are kept in for a year before their bodies are cremated, the Chakri Maha Prasad built for King Rama the IV.This structure is architecturally unique since it combines Thai and Victorian architectural styles. This building houses a collection of weapons, the ashes of deceased royals and the throne room. Last but not least the Forbidden Quarters are also located here where traditionally the wives of the Royals would pass their time. Tourists should spare enough time to explore this Palace to the utmost.

Timings: Daily 8: 30 A.M.- 3:30 P.M
Address: Near the river on Na Phra Lan Road
Admission: B200
Tel: 02222-8181

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