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Bangkok History

Bangkok back then BangkokBangkok became the capital of Thailand in 1782 and since then has been the most renowned of Thailand's cities. Bangkok has grown particularly since it became the capital with the Thai Royal family commissioning a number of monuments and shrines that now stand and make Bangkok the city that it is. These include the Grand Palace, the National Museum, the Reclining Buddha, the City Pillar Shrine and more modern structures such as the Sky Train Station etc.


Initially Bangkok was hardly famous- an obscure trading center meeting the needs of Thailand's prior capital Ayutthaya for over 400 years. King Rama I changed the fate of this city by making it the capital in 1782 when Ayutthaya fell to the Burmese after which Bangkok has only progressed becoming more and more modern with every subsequent Thai king contributing immensely towards  making this a major metropolis of the world.


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