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General Information About Bangkok - Thailand

Annual Temperature - Bangkok

Annual Temperature

32 °C
22 °C   February
32 °C
24 °C   March
33 °C
26 °C   April
27 °C   May
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Bangkok History - Bangkok

Bangkok History

Bangkok became the capital of Thailand in 1782 and since then has been the most renowned of Thailand's cities. Bangkok has grown particularly since it became the capital with the Thai Royal family commissioning a number of monuments and shrines that now stand and make Bangkok the city that it is....

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Bangkok Today - Bangkok

Bangkok Today

Bangkok at the moment is a tourist hot spot. The tourism industry is heavily promoted by the government and people like what Bangkok has to offer. Bangkok is the perfect manifestation of east meets west. Whilst locals party hard in the many clubs, discos and bars and shop till they drop in some of...

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Bangkok's Residents - Bangkok

Bangkok's Residents

Bangkok has a large population of 9 million people. This figure is composed of ethnic Thai locals and a large number of now settled Chinese and Indian immigrants. Buddhism is the major religion but Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are also practiced by some of the residents. Thais are deeply...

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Exchange Rates - Bangkok

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}  The only currency made use of in Bangkok is the Thailand Baht [THB].
The baht is divided into 100 satangs. Paper denominations consist of 1,000(gray), 500-(purple), 100-(red), 50-(blue), and 20-(green) baht notes. Coins consist of ten,...

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Fast Facts - Bangkok

Fast Facts

Bangkok is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand    Dialing code
 +662   Emergency numbers
Fire: 199
Police: 191
Tourist Police: 1155
Ambulance: 191
Suvarnabhumi Airport: 2723-0000  Ext....

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Public Holidays - Bangkok

Public Holidays

January 1: New Year's Day February 21: Makha Bucha Day
April 6: Chakri Day
April 13-15: Songkran Days
May 1: Labor Day
May 5: Coronation Day
May 9: Ploughing Day
May 19: Visakha Bucha Day
July 17: Asarnha Bucha Day
July 18: Buddhist Lent...

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Visa Information - Bangkok

Visa Information

A tourist visa is needed to stay in Bangkok for up to 30- 60 days. Stay can be extended for another 30 days at the nearest immigration office. Such visas are only issued to those vacationing in Bangkok and not for those who intend to live or work there.
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