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Transportation - Getting Around in Damascus - Syria

Buses - Damascus


There are two main bus stations located within Damascus. These, however, take passengers outside of the city to destinations to the North and South including Amman, Beirut, Aleppo and Palymra. There are no buses to transport people to locations within Damascus. ...

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Car for hire - Damascus

Car for hire

Renting a car in Damascus is easy and advisable. It is however, costly to do so.  A number of car rental companies operate here, including:


Tel: +963-223-9664
Website: www.avis.com   

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Driving Tips - Damascus

Driving Tips

Tourists driving themselves in Damascus should keep a few things in mind. All drivers must carry international driving permits or licenses on them at all times. Drunk driving is severely punished. Damascus’s drivers are extremely reckless so tourists should be cautious. The speed limit must be...

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From the airport - Damascus

From the airport

From Damascus International Airport:   The city centre is located 25 kilometers from the airport. A taxi ride from the airport generally costs around 500 Syrian Pounds.  Alternatively tourists can use the airport buses which would take them to the Baramke bus terminal located 1.5...

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Taxi - Damascus


Taxis are plentiful in Damascus. Some, however, are in terrible condition whilst others are shiny and new. The major advantage that this mode of transport has over others is its affordability. Most of the attractions are located within close proximity of each other so the cost of taxi rides...

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