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Restaurants in Damascus - Syria

Al Hallabi - Damascus

Al Hallabi

This is one of Damascus’s best known restaurants. Aleppan cuisine is at its finest here. The décor is extravagant and luxuriant. Specialties include hummus accompanied by a fabulous capsicum dip and kebabs with pomegranate sauce.
Cuisine: Aleppan
Tel: +963-11-339-1000
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Al Khawali - Damascus

Al Khawali

Mouth watering Syrian cuisine is served here. Fresh ingredients are used to churn out a wide range of authentic dishes. The restaurant is housed in a renovated old Damascene house. Specialties include the lamb with lemon sauce and chicken with thyme. The hummus is divine too.


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Al Sehhi Restaurant - Damascus

Al Sehhi Restaurant

For those on a budget, this is a great place to eat out. The restaurant is small and intimate with families mostly frequenting it. There's a wide range of simple, traditional Syrian dishes to choose from including grilled lamb, chicken, fish, and bread soaked in Tahini covered with chickpeas....

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Anas Chicken  - Damascus

Anas Chicken

The restaurant is small and intimate and is great for those with a tight budget. Some of the items on the menu include shawarmas, hummus and roast chicken with French Fries.   Cuisine: Syrian
Address: Al Midan, South of Central Damascus
Tel: +963-11-212-1111

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Arabesque Restaurant - Damascus

Arabesque Restaurant

This lovely restaurant serves delicious Syrian and French cuisine. The food is pricey but worth it.     Cuisine: Syrian and French
Address: Sharia-al-Kineesa, Central Damascus
Tel: +963-11-543-3999
Website: none


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Art Café Ninar  - Damascus

Art Café Ninar

For those on a budget, this is a great place to eat out. The restaurant is small and intimate. What makes it so fascinating and the outing so enjoyable, is the fact that the restaurant exhibits the works of local artists and more often than not, guests will be able to see these local artists...

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Bab Sharqi Restaurant - Damascus

Bab Sharqi Restaurant

For those on a budget, this is a great place to eat out. This roadside café is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. The pizza is delectable and the Armenian style chicken and cheese sandwiches are simply divine.   Cuisine: Syrian and International
Address: Sharia Bab...

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Beit Jabri Restaurant - Damascus

Beit Jabri Restaurant

Housed in the courtyard of a beautiful old Damascene house dating back to the 1700s, the ambience in this restaurant is vivacious and down-to-earth with some of the diners engrossed in cards and backgammon. Come here for some delectable kebabs, thyme pizza, falafel, a diverse range of hummus,...

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