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The Citadel

ImageThis historic site has witnessed much of the life of Damascus. Located in the Old City, it was built by the Selujiks at the end of the 11th and during the beginning of the 12th centuries. Subsequent invaders and rulers all made modifications leaving their mark on the Citadel. One of them, Saladin, who was the famous Ayubbid sultan, further strengthened the Citadel to resist attacks during the Crusades. The Mamluks, the Ottomans and the French all adapted it; the last turned it into a prison which it remained till the middle of the 1980s. This magnificent stone structure is integral to the city of Damascus; do not miss it as it also serves as a venue to various festivals, concerts and functions. The Citadel has certainly undergone a change in function from its past to its present.


Timings: Daily; all day

Admission: Free

Address: North West Corner of the Old City

Tel: none


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