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Festivals in Damascus - Syria

Agritex - Damascus


This event is held annually in June at the Damascus Fair Ground for three days, and has been done so for the last 14 years. Syria’s agricultural products are exhibited here. Agriculture is an important contributor to the country’s GDP accounting for 27% of it. The event includes seminars and...

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Damascus Book Fair - Damascus

Damascus Book Fair

This event is held annually in October at the Arab Cultural Center and has been done so for the past nineteen years. Described as a book reader's paradise, almost 40,000 books from different categories are on display and available for purchase. Publishing houses from around the globe are known to...

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Eid-ul-Fitr - Damascus


This important occasion occurs every year upon the sighting of the new moon, marking the end of Ramadan. Festive decorations are put up, makeshift stalls dotted around the districts sell traditional Syrian desserts and fireworks further illuminate the city at night. The festivities generally lasts...

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Food Expo Exhibition - Damascus

Food Expo Exhibition

Annually held in June for the past seven years, this event lasts about five days at the Damascus Fair Ground. Various companies in the food industry from the region are represented here. Production of food and its packaging are what's highlighted at this event. ...

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International Flower Festival - Damascus

International Flower Festival

This event is held annually from July to August in Teshreen Park, which is Damascus’s largest park. Participants and botany enthusiasts from around the world converge in Damascus around this time of the year. The event encompasses a number of activities such as flower arranging competitions and...

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International Leather Goods Fair - Damascus

International Leather Goods Fair

This event is held annually for four days in August at the Damascus New Fair Ground. Producers of leather goods along with consumers and interested visitors get to meet and discuss the leather products on display. Syria is renowned for its leather produce and exports. ...

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Jazz Lives in Syria  - Damascus

Jazz Lives in Syria

Held annually in August at the Citadel for six nights, this open air festival features renowned local and foreign jazz artists. The festival also includes jazz workshops and activities for children. ...

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Olivex  - Damascus


This event is held annually in March and lasts for four days at the Damascus Fair Ground. Olives being one of Damascus’s most important products is showcased at this event, along with olive oil and olive oil processing technologies. ...

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