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altTaxis in Zurich can be hired by phone or hailed on the street.  Because of the ease and ubiquity of public transportation and the high rates on taxis, they're not recommended.  They may be the only option for late night travel, though.

The base charge is CHF6, plus an additional CHF3.80 per kilometer.  A 15% service charge is included in the final fare.

Alpha Taxi
Telephone: +41 044 777 7777
Website: www.alpha-taxi.ch

Taxi 444
Telephone: +41 044 444 4444
Website: www.taxi444.ch

Taxi Jung
Telephone: +41 044 271 1188
Website: www.taxijung.ch

Zuri Taxi
Telephone: +41 044 222 2222
Website: www.zueritaxi.ch

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