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Car Rental

imageDon't bother renting a car if you're only staying in Zurich, as driving in Switzerland, especially in the cities, is purposefully inconvenient in order to encourage the use of public transportation.  If you insist, however, all the major rental companies have outlets in the city.

Anyone over the age of 21 can rent a car, but there is an extra charge if you are under 25.  Your driver's license must be valid for a full year if you want to hire a car in Switzerland.

Telephone: +41 0800 552 174
Website: www.alamo.ch

Telephone: +41 044 296 8787
Website: www.avis.ch

Telephone: +41 044 450 7535
Website: www.budget.com

Telephone: +41 044 804 4646
Website: www.europcar.ch

Telephone: +41 043 444 4000
Website: www.hertz.ch

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