Buses and trams

Zurich has an extensive system of buses and trams that reach anywhere in the city and its surroundings.  You must purchase your tickets beforehand at ticket offices or kiosks, or else you could face a fine.  The system is run by the VBZ and runs from 05:30 until midnight (03:00 on weekends).

Buses and trams are often faster and easier to use than automobiles.  Drivers have the ability to change stoplights green and have the right of way.  Costs range from under CHF2 up to more than CHF20 depending on how long the trip is and what part of the city you're in.

The ZVV NetzPass refers to monthly and annual cards and are good on all ZVV transportation.  The monthly passes can become economical in just a few days if you're using the system extensively.  Day passes are also available. 

Telephone: +41 044 434 4111
Website: www.vbz.ch