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Transportation - Getting Around in Zurich - Switzerland

Bicycles for hire - Zurich

Bicycles for hire

One of the best way to get around Zurich is by bike.  The city is relatively flat and compact, with moderate temperatures, making it ideal for bicycles.  It's also an excellent way to get to know the city at street level.  Zurich's traffic laws emphasize pedestrians and cyclists, so...

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Buses and trams - Zurich

Buses and trams

Zurich has an extensive system of buses and trams that reach anywhere in the city and its surroundings.  You must purchase your tickets beforehand at ticket offices or kiosks, or else you could face a fine.  The system is run by the VBZ and runs from 05:30 until midnight (03:00 on...

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Car Rental - Zurich

Car Rental

Don't bother renting a car if you're only staying in Zurich, as driving in Switzerland, especially in the cities, is purposefully inconvenient in order to encourage the use of public transportation.  If you insist, however, all the major rental companies have outlets in the city.
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Driving Tips - Zurich

Driving Tips

Driving in Zurich is not recommended.  City planners have gone out of their way to make things difficult for drivers.  More and more streets are being converted to pedestrian only and trams have the ability to turn lights red in order to continue driving unimpeded.  Gas is very...

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From the Airport - Zurich

From the Airport

Zurich Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland, with flights throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  It's located about 10km from the center of city.  There are several options to make that journey.

Taxis are available but are by far the most expensive...

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Taxi - Zurich


Taxis in Zurich can be hired by phone or hailed on the street.  Because of the ease and ubiquity of public transportation and the high rates on taxis, they're not recommended.  They may be the only option for late night travel, though.

The base charge is CHF6, plus an...

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Train - Zurich


Zurich and its suburbs have an extensive commuter rail system known as the S-Bahn and operated by the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV).  Coverage is spotty within the city, but there are more than twenty lines servicing the region.  The city and its suburbs are split into different...

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