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Restaurants in Zurich - Switzerland

Angkor (Cambodian) - Zurich

Angkor (Cambodian)

Angkor (Cambodian) – With an interior that comprises stone carvings and intricate woodwork, this restaurant is one of the best places for Cambodian food in Zurich. There is lots of curry and seafood which tempts many a tourist.

Address : Giessereistr, 18Read More

Bierhalle Kropf (Swiss) - Zurich

Bierhalle Kropf (Swiss)

This restaurant has a marvellous painting on its ceiling which adds to the overall decor of the place.

Address: Gassen, 16 
Tel: +41 044 221 18 05
Website: http://www.zumkropf.ch

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Blaue Ente - Zurich

Blaue Ente

Blaue Ente (Swiss and international with a seasonal menu) – Loosely translated as ‘Blue Goose’, this restaurant is situated beside Lake Zurich and boasts of an architecture that is largely eclectic. Perhaps one of the best things about the Ente is that the menu is not only diverse but also...

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Casa Ferlin (Italian) - Zurich

Casa Ferlin (Italian)

With an intimate feel to it thanks to antique wall hangings, a fire place and dark colours, the Casa Ferlin probably has the best Italian food in town. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and once again, attracts some of the richest residents of Zurich.
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Crazy Cow (Swiss) - Zurich

Crazy Cow (Swiss)

 The place, interestingly enough, has been decorated with Swiss cows as well as other things that are common to Switzerland. The menu is entirely in Swiss also so you may need to request an English menu if you decide to eat here. The pastas offered here must be tried.

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Haus zum Ruden (Swiss) - Zurich

Haus zum Ruden (Swiss)

Housed in a historic 13th-century building, the Ruden has three different dining halls, each of which feature a different decor (historic). Once again, you need to make reservations in advance in order to dine here.

Address: Limmatquai 42 Read More

Iroquois (Mexican) - Zurich

Iroquois (Mexican)

 With great cocktails and even better Mexican food, you must visit the Iroquois if you are looking for some spicy food which is relatively cheap.
Address: Seefeldstrasse, 120
Tel: +41 44 383 7077

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Kronenhalle (Swiss) - Zurich

Kronenhalle (Swiss)

This restaurant is famous for its exquisite Swiss food and desserts that melt in the mouth. If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous of Switzerland (and even celebrities from around the world), Kronenhalle is where you want to be seen. The restaurant also has some magnificent paintings...

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