Kids in Tow

Switzerland is famous for toys ranging from trains to wooden carved toys and the Zurich Toy Museum and Franz Carl Weber, the toy store, should be part of any visit to the city when you have children in tow.

The Zoological Garden – This state-of-the-art zoo will be of great interest to children. Particularly noteworthy are the Madagascar pavilion and the elephant house which is sure to intrigue the young mind.
Address: Zurichbergstrasse 221
 Tel: 44 254 25 05

Zurich Toy Museum – As the name suggests, this museum has on display a huge variety of toys that were used throughout history.
Address: Fortunagasse 15
Tel: 01-211-93-05

Franz Carl Weber –this toy store is on three storeys and can keep children entertained for hours.
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 62/Rennweg 43 Postfach
Tel: +41 1 225 7878

Urania Observatory – This observatory can be a fascinating experience for your children given the view that the observatory offers. The main telescope here can allow you to magnify a star up to 600 times.
Address: Uraniastrasse 9
Tel: +41 (0)44 211 65 23

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Kids in Tow