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altBahnhofstrasse is Zurich's main shopping street and also one of the world's most expensive streets.  It dates back to 1864 when the surrounding swamp was filled in.  The street quickly became a hub of commerce and banking, which it remains today.  Here the world's elite congregate to shop and store their wealth.

Just about every luxury retailer has an outlet here, including Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and some of the world's finest jewelers.  Bahnhofstrasse is not just the domain of the superwealthy though: there's also an H&M and an Apple Store among others.  Some of Zurich's finest restaurants are also located here.  Sprüngli, located on Pradeplatz, serves delectable hand made chocolates and other confections, in addition to excellent hot meals.  It's a great place to grab lunch.

A walk down Bahnhofstrasse is an integral part of any visit to Zurich.  There's no better place to window shop.  The length of the street is closed to traffic as well (except trams), so you can enjoy it in relative peace.  Be sure to check out the "World's Largest Timepiece", an installation of 275 light poles and more than 240,000 LED lights.

Location: Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis 1
Telephone: +41 043 243 9000
Website: www.bahnhofstrasse-zuerich.ch

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