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Places To Visit in Zurich - Switzerland

Affoltern, Oerlikon & Seebach - Zurich

Affoltern, Oerlikon & Seebach

This district is famous for its Christmas Collectors Fair that takes place every year. ...

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Aussersihl - Zurich


Address: Langstrasse Zürich
Tel: +41 44 215 4000

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Bahnhofstrasse - Zurich


Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich's main shopping street and also one of the world's most expensive streets.  It dates back to 1864 when the surrounding swamp was filled in.  The street quickly became a hub of commerce and banking, which it remains today.  Here the world's elite congregate to...

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Fraumünster - Zurich


Fraumünster, or Church of Our Lady, is one of Zurich's most important churches.  The original church was opened in 850 and served as a Benedictine Abbey.  The convent here was home to many of the elite women of Medieval Germany.  The crypt dates from this original building. ...

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Grossmünster  - Zurich


Grossmünster, or 'Gross Monster' as it's lovingly referred to by English speakers, is Zurich's most important church and one of the city's most distinctive landmarks. The original church was supposedly commissioned by the Emperor Charlemagne himself.  It was also supposedly the burial place...

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Kids in Tow - Zurich

Kids in Tow

Switzerland is famous for toys ranging from trains to wooden carved toys and the Zurich Toy Museum and Franz Carl Weber, the toy store, should be part of any visit to the city when you have children in tow.   The Zoological Garden – This state-of-the-art zoo...

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Kunsthaus - Zurich


Kunsthaus is Zurich's best art museum.  It opened in 1910 and was designed by architect Karl Moser in the Greek Revival style.  The facade is a little drab, but it belies the excellent collection housed inside.  Many of the European masters are represented here, though the museum...

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Le Corbusier Center - Zurich

Le Corbusier Center

 The Le Corbusier Center, home to the Heidi Weber Museum, was the final building designed by Le Corbusier, one of the seminal architects of the twentieth century.  He was born Charles-Edouart Jeanneret in a small city in eastern Switzerland in 1887.  He would shape the Modernist...

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