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Organized Tours in Zurich - Switzerland

Best of Switzerland Tours - Zurich

Best of Switzerland Tours

 This guided tour will let you explore the expensive shopping district, museums, parts of the Old Town, Opera House as well as the Frausmunster and Grossmunster.

Address: Webereistrasse 55, 8134 Adliswil/Zurich
Tel: 0041 44 710 50 50Read More

Circle Tour - Zurich

Circle Tour

This is a three-hour-long tour of Zurich on a trolley. The tour takes you around the city where you get to see buildings of historic significance and major landmarks.
Address: Jupiterstrasse 35
Tel: +41 44 383 7878

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CityRunning - Zurich


This almost four-hour-long trip will take you around town while you jog. This is a great way to keep in shape and enjoy Zurich’s sights on foot. The guides will take you to some of the best city jogging tracks so that you can explore the city at length.


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Hans Meier Cityrama Tour  - Zurich

Hans Meier Cityrama Tour

This tour takes you along the historic sights in the city via the bus and is a three-hour-long trip that is operational all the year round. This is a completely guided tour that takes you around the Old Town as well.

Address: Jupiterstrasse 3Read More

Hans Meier Combo Tour - Zurich

Hans Meier Combo Tour

This is a four-hour-long trip that takes you via train to the ‘top’ of Zurich where the view will simply take your breath away. The tour is also operational all year round and the entire trip is quite a relaxing experience.

Address: Jupiterstrasse 3Read More

Toptrek Touren Zürich  - Zurich

Toptrek Touren Zürich

This is a trip to the countryside that you take on bikes, thus letting you see things that you would ordinarily miss while sitting in a car or train. Tourists who are into this sort of thing will enjoy riding on some of bike tracks and the view that one will be able to witness along the way.Read More


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