Widder Hotel

Perhaps the finest hotel in the city, the Widder Hotel is located in Zurich’s old town but is quite close to the main city as well. The service quality is outstanding and the architecture and floor plan, exquisite. The room rates start from CHF560 and go up to almost CHF2,000 per night. Both deluxe rooms as well as penthouses are available. There are several restaurants, a bar, limousine service, functions hall for your events as well as the availability of internet at the Widder Hotel.

For the Muslim traveller The Widder Hotel provides additional services. These include Halal food (on demand), prayer mats in the room, Arabic television channels and knowledgeable staff that will assist you in pointing out the location of Makkah from your room and also to the mosques nearest the hotel.  In Ramadan, they will serve Muslim guests food before dawn and dates and water during Maghrib time.

Address : Rennweg, 7
Tel: +41 44 224 25 26
Website: http://www.widderhotel.ch/

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