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Swissotel Zurich

altIs a first class superior hotel with 347 modern equipped rooms . They also offer spa and fitness services  and two well known restaurants with views of the Swiss Alps. The hotel is located opposite the Railway Station Zurich Oerlikon, with direct connections to Zurich Airport and Zurich Main Station.

For Muslim travellers this hotel boasts plenty. Halal food and a special Arab menu, Prayer mats for your room as well as someone to point out the direction of Makkah, food, dates and water during Ramadan before Fajr and after Maghrib and Arabic TV channels are some of the benefits they provide to make your stay more comfortable. Aside from this, the concierge will gladly point out the direction of the nearest mosque.

Address:  Schulstrasse 44
      8050 Zurich
Tel: +41 44 317 31 11


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