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Hotel Zum Storchen

altThis hotel is known for its superb and much loved hospitality for the past 650 years.  The hotel has been renovated several times since then, to allow for modern fittings suitable to contemporary society. The excellent service however, remains unchanged.

The establishment is located on the bank of the River Limmat and is a short distance away from the famous Bhanhofstrasse. For Muslim guests, the hotel offers Halal food, prayer mats, location of Makkah from each room and knowledgable staff with the address and location for the nearest mosques which they would be happy to point out. Aside from this, during Ramadan, the hotel offers food before Fajr and after Maghrib, and dates and water to open fasts. 

Address:  Am Weinplatz
      8001 Zurich
Tel: +41 44 227 27 27


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