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General Information About Zurich - Switzerland

Annual temperature - Zurich

Annual temperature

January: 9°C (high); -11°C (low)
February: 11°C (high); -8°C (low)
March: 16°C (high); -6°C (low)
April: 21°C (high); -2°C (low)
May: 25°C (high); 2°C (low)
June: 28°C (high); 6°C (low)
July: 29°C (high); 8°C (low)
August: 29°C (high);...

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Exchange rates - Zurich

Exchange rates

The currency used is Swiss Franc. {loadposition currency}    ...

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Fast facts - Zurich

Fast facts

Location: Zurich canton, North Central Switzerland; situated at the tip of Lake Zurich.
Dialling code: 41
Emergency numbers
Police: 117
Ambulance: 144
Fire brigade: 118
Population: 350,200 (city); 1.2 million (Zurich canton).
Languages:  The...

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Public holidays - Zurich

Public holidays

•    January 1, 2010: New Year’s Day
•    January 2, 2010: Saint Berchtold (New Year Shopping, Stores are open)
•    April 2, 2010: Good Friday
•    April 5, 2010: Easter Monday Read More

When to Go - Zurich

When to Go

Zurich has four distinct seasons and a fairly cool climate.  Average high temperatures in the summer are in the low twenties, with only a couple days each year above 30C.  Average highs in the winter are just above freezing (2C in January, the coldest month).

Rain and snow...

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Zurich History - Zurich

Zurich History

Zurich has been consistently settled since the Roman Empire, though humans have lived in the area since prehistoric times.  The first historical reference is from 15BC, when a military base was established.  The nearby town was called Turicum.  Little is known about Zurich's history...

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Zurich in a Day - Zurich

Zurich in a Day

Start your day at Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's answer to the Champs Elysees.  This is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, but even if you're on a budget, the window shopping is a sight to behold.  When you're finished here, walk a few blocks to Fraumunster.  This is...

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Zurich Residents - Zurich

Zurich Residents

With a population of over 300,000 in the main city, the people of Zurich are surprisingly diverse. Over 30 per cent of the population consists of Germans who do not hold Swiss citizenship. 22 per cent are Italians who do not hold Swiss passports either. There are over one million people living in...

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