From the airport

Distance of Airport from City Center: 5 km

Phone Numbers:
Information: +41 22 / 717 80 50
Lost Luggage: +41 22/ 327 60 00
Tourist Information: +41 22/ 717 80 83

By Car:
Hiring a car from the airport is convenient. The drive to the city center is about 15 minutes on an average.

By bus:
Bus number 10 from the airport runs regular transportation services to the city center at approximately $8 per person (excluding luggage). The trip is around 15-20 minutes depending upon the time of day and traffic congestion.

By train:
The Air Terminal Station has trains departing every 5-20 minutes from 0530 to 2330 hrs. The trip is usually 5-7 minutes, and costs around $4-$6 depending on the type of service availed. Passengers are dropped off at the Gare Cornavin, Geneva's Chemins de Fer Federaux train station.

By taxi:
There are usually many easily available taxis waiting right outside the airport. The fare to the city center is approximately $25, and takes around 10-20 minutes.