Driving Tips

Driving in Geneva:

People arriving in Geneva with an intention of long stay periods, and to drive any sort of vehicle should definitely renew their driver's licenses from the country which issued them, before coming to Geneva. If their license has expired, or is no loner valid for any reason whatsoever, or if one wishes to obtain a Swiss driver's license, then one has to pass an official driving test. This is expensive as well as risky; as if you fail the test your original license may be suspended. It is more convenient, rather, to obtain an international driver's license beforehand.

Parkings in Geneva:

The city center is usually inconvenient for driving due to multiple traffic systems (trams, buses, and the rest), and can be quite confusing at first if you have no previous experience of driving in Geneva. There are few parking spaces, and the constant flow of traffic also reduces the available parking spaces for residents and visitors alike.
Geneva has a total of around 22,000 public parking spaces on the streets, which are capable of accommodating about the 200,000 private vehicles which have been registered in Geneva.

The several types of parking inside the town center are as follows:

1. Zones blanches (white zone) with meter: paid parking for limited time periods.
2. Zones bleues (blue zone): free parking for limited periods of time.
3. Zones blanches (white zone), without meter: free parking places, can be used for unlimited time periods.

Useful Emergency Numbers:

Road/driving conditions: 163
Car breakdown service: 140