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Transportation - Getting Around in Geneva - Switzerland

Buses - Geneva


The Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) provides public transport by bus, trolleybus or tram.
This network covers the city extensively, providing additional access to most of the regions around Geneva, and also extending into the...

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Car for hire - Geneva

Car for hire

Whether it is for general travel purposes, shifting furniture or belongings, touring the city for leisure, or showing a guest around the city in a proper car, the best option in the case of not actually possessing a car is to contact one of the many car rental companies in town. These offer...

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Driving Tips - Geneva

Driving Tips

Driving in Geneva:  
People arriving in Geneva with an intention of long stay periods, and to drive any sort of vehicle should definitely renew their driver's licenses from the country which issued them, before coming to Geneva. If their license has expired, or...

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From the airport - Geneva

From the airport

Distance of Airport from City Center: 5 km

Phone Numbers:
Information: +41 22 / 717 80 50
Lost Luggage: +41 22/ 327 60 00
Tourist Information: +41 22/ 717 80 83

By Car:
Hiring a car from the...

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Lake Boat  - Geneva

Lake Boat

These are a part of the local TPG system, and consist of ferry shuttles that connect the left and right banks of the city.
This is a year round service, but the ferries only run during the daytime during daylight hours. Read More

Metro - Geneva


The train system in Geneva is one of the most convenient ones in Europe. Local trains run every half hour in the daytime, and every hour after 8 p.m.
The central train station, Gare Cornavin, links to the airport and also to almost...

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Taxi - Geneva


Taxis are not very common in Geneva, and are not easy to find. For convenience, they may need to be booked or reserved in advance, especially during peak hours.
These prices have been effective from July 2004 and apply to all cab...

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