Rue du Mont Blanc

Not very catchy at first sight, but contains a plethora of treasures when it comes to Swiss souvenir shopping. That is why the market attracts more tourists than local citizens. It stretches as a wide boulevard up to the quay area. The major gift shops are 15 Mont-Blanc, Swiss Tradition, Affolter Kurt et Eric Noll, Devillon, NIC SA 5 and La Civette. The traditional Swiss crafts and souvenirs offered include chocolates and confectioneries, folk-style blouses, porcelain cows, fragile decorative chinaware, laced dresses for girls, all kinds of interesting watches and clocks, including cuckoo clocks, a wide selection of local clothing and jewelry, and, of course, Swiss penknives. The nearness to the quay means the atmosphere is always fresh and pleasant. Cafes and bistros line the broad walkways and successfully lure exhausted customers.

Location: Near Place de Cornavin, GE 1201.   

Timings: Open 24 hrs 

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