Located in almost all neighborhoods around Geneva, and essentially all of Switzerland, the Migros is undoubtedly the most popular chain of supermarkets in the country. It is conveniently cheap and contains general goods instead of designer and brand labels. Typical items on sale are clothes, toys, footwear, electrical goods, and home appliances. Migros does not sell alcohol of any kind. It also offers sports and recreational activities, leisure trips, and language courses at inexpensive prices.
Some of the locations of the M stores, as they are commonly called, are:

Single M stores (smaller size, fewer goods): located in almost all neighborhoods around the city.

MM stores (larger in size, better variety of items): Centre Commercial des Cygnes, Rue de Lausanne, next to Cornavin train station.

MMM store (largest in Geneva): Located in Balexert. Timings: Modays to Wednesdays - 0830-1900, Thursdays - 0830-2000,

Fridays - 0830-1900, Saturdays - 0800-1700

Apart from the general attractions and items on sale, this store also has a post office, a bank, travel agencies offices, photographic studios, restaurants, and even its own cinema hall, Cine Village!

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