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Shopping in Geneva - Switzerland

 Coop - Geneva


A rival to, but not quite up to the standard of, the Migros chain, this is another popular name in Switzerland. It offers brand-name goods as well as foodstuff, fresh and frozen, organic and processed. Coop, unlike the Migros stores, offers alcohol and alcoholic products. Other items on sale are...

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Antique shops - Geneva

Antique shops

If you are on the hunt for ancient art pieces or antiques, the small secluded shops of the Old Town are sure to delight you. The most popular shopping street is definitely the Grand Rue, but feel free to wander aimlessly in any of the narrow alleyways of the Old Town, as each street has its own...

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Aperto - Geneva


A small but pretty expensive shopping mall. Offers clothes and related accessories. Also has electronic and household items.   Location : Cornavin Railway Timings: Seven days a week, 06:00 - 22:00     ...

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Centre Balexert - Geneva

Centre Balexert

The largest and most eminent of the malls in Geneva. It has more than a hundred stores, including expensive designer outlets, jewelry shops, and also a movie theater.   Location: Ave Louis-Casai 27 Telephone: 022 9790202    ...

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Chocolate - Geneva


Geneva is heaven on earth for any chocolate lover. Almost all grocery stores around the city have an exciting assortment of Swiss delicacies. But it is the larger bakeries and specialty shops that offer the real treat, from the chocolate filled to the chocolate covered and chocolate coated goodies....

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Confederation Centre Shopping Mall - Geneva

Confederation Centre Shopping Mall

Ideally situated at a centralized location along the main shopping street of Geneva. Comprises of around 50 stores and cafes, and offers baked goods stalls throughout the shopping center.  
Location:Rue de la Confederation 8 Telephone: 022 311 5292   ...

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Denner - Geneva


This is a chain of discount supermarkets, its outlets being situated conveniently at busy shopping districts of Geneva. It is open almost all day, but is closed during  lunch hours in the afternoon.

Contains a large variety of items, including basic stuff...

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Flea Markets - Geneva

Flea Markets

The open-air markets of Geneva offer an escape from the expensive environment of the exquisite shopping malls. They also give you the chance of interacting freely with the local citizens. Bargaining is highly recommended, usually for non-edible items. Some of the leading flea markets around Geneva...

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