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Les Continents (Continental)

Les Continents (Continental) GenevaThe interior is dominated by elegant Victorian-styled furnishings and decor, including chandeliers and table linens. Les Continents provides, as the name suggests, a wealth of international dishes from all around the globe, but a clear influence of Asian cuisine is noticeable. Specialties on the menu include items such as langoustines and pineapple soufflé. There is no doubt as to the quality of meals served here; they are simply par excellence. The service, too, is quite pleasant.


Location: 7-9, Chemin du Petite-Saconnex, Hotel Inter-Continental, Geneva
Telephone: 22-919-33-50
Timings: Mondays to Fridays only 1100-2300
Credit Cards accepted: American Express, Visa, Master Card


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