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Restaurants in Geneva - Switzerland

Al-Amir Beyrouth (Lebanese) - Geneva

Al-Amir Beyrouth (Lebanese)

Apparently not one of the best restaurants around, but definitely one of the leading Lebanese food joints around Geneva. It has a comfortable stool-and-counter seating area which is preferred by the visitors rather than the table-and-chair section. The staff is known for its politeness and...

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Beryt's (Lebanese) - Geneva

Beryt's (Lebanese)

Lebanese from the entrance to the exit doors, the ambience, the decor, the food, and, of course, the dressing of the staff and waiters. The back side has a pleasant green terrace which can accommodate more than 50 people. The food includes traditional items like shawarma, keftas, falafels, and...

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Brasserie Lipp (French) - Geneva

Brasserie Lipp (French)

This is your typical brasserie, offering a traditional French menu with dishes such as choucroute and pot-au-feu. It is a bit expensive overall, considering the menu is nothing extraordinary. Most of the customers are more attracted to the beautiful flowered terrace with its old fountain rather...

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Cafe des Bains (French) - Geneva

Cafe des Bains (French)

This modern cafe is located near Plaine des Plainpalais, and the French food menu here is regularly updated with innovative cuisines that never grow old and boring.  
Location: Rue des Bains 26
Telephone: 022 321 5798
Timings: Tuesdays to...

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Cafe Gallay (French/Italian) - Geneva

Cafe Gallay (French/Italian)

Lively atmosphere, young and intellectual crowd, polite service, a constantly changing menu with new modifications according to the seasons, and a truly amazing wine collection. Prices, too good to be true. What more can you want?   Location: 42 Boulevard St Georges, GE 1205Read More

Cave Valaisanne et Chalet Suisse (Swiss) - Geneva

Cave Valaisanne et Chalet Suisse (Swiss)

Everything traditionally Swiss awaits you at this marvelous place. Perfect if you want a real Swiss meal, including authentic fondue and raclette. Quite popular with tourists and locals alike, the place is quite affordable, with a full meal at around CHF 20.   Location: 23, boulevard...

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Chez Ma Cousine (French) - Geneva

Chez Ma Cousine (French)

This place offers the best value when it comes to French dining in Geneva. The food is of an impressive quality for such low prices. A meal of roast chicken and potato wedges topped with salad comes at around CHF 15. The restaurant is easy to find as it is situated right in the heart of the Old...

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Comptoir (Thai/Asian) - Geneva

Comptoir (Thai/Asian)

Modern and stylish interior, with Thai and Asian mix of dishes.Trendy crowd, friendly and efficient service.
  Location: Rue de Richemont 9
Telephone: 022 731 32 37
Timings: Tuesdays to Sundays...

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