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Festivals in Geneva - Switzerland

American Independence Day - Geneva

American Independence Day

This is a National Day celebration organized by the American International Club of Geneva, and features the largest display of 4th of July fireworks outside of the US. There are numerous patriotic functions arranged throughout the day, including live concerts and a food festival, and special shows...

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Christmas Festival - Geneva

Christmas Festival

If you find all the other festivals in the city too monotonous in nature, in terms of music, dance, food, and artistic performances, this festival is sure to bring a smile to your face. This is the time when the people of Geneva truly display their Christmas spirit. Apart from the traditional...

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Festival De La Batie - Geneva

Festival De La Batie

Organized particularly for artists, painters, graphic designers, and multimedia enthusiasts, this outdoor festival is aimed at bringing together like-minded, artistically creative and talented people from all of France and Switzerland. The main highlights of the event include musical performances,...

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Fete De La Musique - Geneva

Fete De La Musique

This is the largest chain of music festivals held in Geneva, featuring over a hundred performances at more than thirty outdoor locations in the city. Ranging from classical to jazz to hip-hop and trance, the music festival caters to the tastes of every music lover. And outdoor locations mean there...

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Fetes De Geneve - Geneva

Fetes De Geneve

The main festival organized during the summer season, attracting more than 2 million visitors every year. Food stalls, live music, parades, performances, and rides for children as well as adults, provide a uniquely captivating experience for the crowd each day along the Lake Geneva. As evening...

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Geneva Winter Carnival - Geneva

Geneva Winter Carnival

This festival is celebrated to bid farewell to the winter season, according to an old tradition.  It attracts a large amount of children as well as childish adults. Activities range from an array of masquerade sessions to food festivals, drinking, singing, and dances. The main event, marking...

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International Exhibition of Inventions - Geneva

International Exhibition of Inventions

This is the largest such exhibition to be held anywhere in the world. Geneva's International Exhibition of Inventions has on display over a thousand new inventions and innovative products from around the globe. It offers a platform for thinkers, visualizers, and dreamers to bring their fantasies to...

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International Motor Show - Geneva

International Motor Show

Being one of the largest international shows to be organized in all of Europe, and undoubtedly the most prominent of the motor shows held around the globe, the Geneva Motor Show offers glitz and glamour when it comes to the world of automobiles. Whether they are classic, contemporary, or...

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