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General Information About Geneva - Switzerland

Average Monthly Temperatures  - Geneva

Average Monthly Temperatures

low temperature: -2 °C
high temperature: 4 °C
low temperature: -1 °C
high temperature: 6 °C
low temperature: 2 °C
high temperature: 10 °C
low temperature: 5 °C
high temperature: 15...

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Exchange Rates - Geneva

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}  The currency used is the Swiss Franc. The banknotes used are the 10, 20, 50,100, 200, 500 and 1000 francs.
The coins used are the 5, 10, 20, and 50 centimes, and the 1, 2, and 5 francs. (1 franc = 100 centimes)       ...

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Fast Facts - Geneva

Fast Facts

Geneva, capital city, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.   Dialing code:
00 41 22 X
(e.g. 00 41 22 XXX-XXXX)   Emergency numbers :
Police: 117
Fire: 118
Ambulance: 144
Poison Emergency: 145 or  01 251 51 51
Weather Forecast:...

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Geneva History - Geneva

Geneva History

Human civilization in Geneva dates back to around 3000 BC, at which time it was an ordinary rural settlement. It was soon a prominent village by 1000 BC. When the Roman Empire conquered Geneva, a local Celtic rushed to its defense and tried to resist the attack, but was defeated, and Geneva was...

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Geneva Residents - Geneva

Geneva Residents

Geneva is home to many nations - the Germans, French, Austrians, Italians, and Oriental/Asian. This is basically due to the fact that Switzerland has always welcomed refugees seeking asylum. People affected by war, political or economic instability, persecution, and other calamities flock to this...

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Geneva today  - Geneva

Geneva today

Diverse, fashionable, and stylish are the key words to describe Geneva. What started off as a small ancient settlement has today evolved into one of the most magnificent cities of the world. With a high quality of life, including superb health care, low pollution, and security of life and property,...

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Public Holidays-2009 - Geneva

Public Holidays-2009

New Year's Day----January 1st
Good Friday-------- April 10 Easter Monday------April 13 Ascension----------- May  21
Pentecost ------------May 31 Swiss National Day- August 1st
Geneva Fast--------- September 6th
Christmas------------ December 25th Read More

Visa Information - Geneva

Visa Information

People travelling to Switzerland must have a valid passport.
Visa are required for a continuous stay of more than three months.
If your stay is shorter than three months you only need to bring your valid passport with you....

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