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ImageThere are a few very good limousine services available in the city that provide chauffeured limousines and are great when you are in a hurry or want to travel in style.

Telephone: (08) 222 280
Website: www.limousineservice.se
Typical Charges: SKr770-870 per hour with reduced rates for hires of more than 5 hours and a surcharge of SKr60 before 6am or after 7pm on weekdays and on Sundays.

Prestige Limousine
Telephone: (08) 193 300
Website: www.prestigelimousine.se
Typical Charges: SKr700 per hour.

Bel Air Limousines
Telephone: (08) 308 500
Website: www.belair.se
Typical Charges: SKr980 and more per hour for stretch limos.. 

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