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Stockholm City Museum

ImageFeel  seven and a half centuries of Stockholm’s history come alive as you wander around this museum. The different floors of this building show the different stages of the city’s developemnet and growth, from the Medieval times to the present day modern metropolis. Smaller exhibitions, like the photographic exhibition, also run concurrently with the main one. The museum has a cafe and a shop, and during the summertime events such as dance evenings are held.

Monday cosed, Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm
Late opening Thursday until 8pm.
Opening hours for the children's room, Nya Torget Tuesday-Sunday: 12-4pm
Address:Ryssgården (just outside the subway exit)
Phone:+46 (0)8 508 31 600
Subway: Slussen
website: www.stadsmuseum.stockholm.se  

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