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Organized Tours in Stockholm - Sweden

Boat Tours - Stockholm

Boat Tours

Strömma Canal Company
Telephone: (08) 5871 4000
Website: http://www.strommakanalbolaget.com/

Royal Canal Tours runs from March 24 to December 17, daily, every half-hour on the hour. Visitors are ferried around the canals of Djurgården.
Cost : Tours cost...

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Grand Tour - Stockholm

Grand Tour

This is a more comprehensive tour and includes both boat and bus.
Cost: 410SEK ($57/£29).
Duration: 3½ hrs
 City Sightseeing
 Telephone: (08) 5871 4020
 Website: http://www.citysightseeing.com/ ...

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Hop-on-Hop off-Bus - Stockholm

Hop-on-Hop off-Bus

This tour takes you around the city on an open top double decker bus. You are allowed to get on and off as many times as you like along the route. The tour passes through some major sights in the central and eastern part of the city.

Cost: 220 SEK for a 24 hour travel passRead More

Horse and Carriage Tour  - Stockholm

Horse and Carriage Tour

See Stockholm from a different perspective as you ride through the narrow streets and lively squares on a beautiful carriage that’s more a showpiece than a vehicle. These tours departs from Mynttorget by the Royal Palace.

 Duration: 45 mins
Cost: 100SEK ($14/£7)Read More

Stockholm in a Nutshell - Stockholm

Stockholm in a Nutshell

This tour shows you the highlights of Stockholm, including a sail around the royal park at Djurgården.
Cost: 310SEK ($43/£22)
Duration: 2 ½ hrs
Dates: March 24 to Dec 31 ...

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Walking Tours - Stockholm

Walking Tours

Old Town Strolls are conducted by authorized guides who take you through the medieval lanes of Stockholm’s Old Town. The tour departs from the Royal Opera House at Gustav Adolfs Torg.
Cost: 90SEK ($12/ £6)
City Sightseeing,
Skeppsbron 22
Tel. 08/587-140-20Read More


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