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Halal Restaurants in Stockholm - Sweden

Al Madinah - Stockholm

Al Madinah

Cuisine: Lebanese
                  Address: Kapellgränd 10, Stockholm, Sweden 11625
                  Phone: +46 8 644 47 47
                  Halal authenticity: Halal sign in window

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Beirut Cafe - Stockholm

Beirut Cafe

Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Lebanese
Address: Engelbrektsgatan 37, Ostermalm, Stockholm 11432
Telephone: (08) 212 025
Website: http://www.beirutcafe.se
Pricing: Moderate

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Folkets Kebab - Stockholm

Folkets Kebab

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
                  Address: Folkungagatan 63, Stockholm, Sweden 11630
                  Phone: No phone available
                  Halal authenticity: Verbal assurance from staffRead More

Moroccan Restaurant - Stockholm

Moroccan Restaurant

Cuisine: Moroccan
Location: Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, Sweden
Halal authenticity: Owners are known Muslims
Pricing: Moderate ...

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Orontes Kebab - Stockholm

Orontes Kebab

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
                 Address: Odengatan 60, Stockholm, Sweden 11322
                 Phone: +46(0)8328829
                 Halal authenticity: Owners are known Muslims

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