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Hostel af Chapman & Skeppsholman (boat hostel)

ImageGet the feel of being a sailor at sea when you stay in a ship that’s loaded with history.
The hostel consists of two parts, the building, Skeppsholman, and the three-masted ship, af Chapman, which is permanently anchored on the island of  Skeppsholmen. The ship has been recently restored (2008). Guests can choose between staying at the two. The 300 bedded hostel is in an enviable location, opposite Gamla Stan, the quaint old town area of Stockholm with  many of the tourist attractions nearby. Hostel rooms are clean and spacious with bunk beds. Family rooms are also available. Personal wardrobes can be locked. Laundry facilities are also available. The buffet breakfast is very popular. Sheets and towels are available here but at an extra cost so carry your own. It is recommended to stay on the ship for a unique hostelling experience.

Västra Brobänken
11149 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 463 22 66
Website: www.stfchapman.com


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