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General Information About Colombo - Sri Lanka

Annual Temperature - Colombo

Annual Temperature

January     -    Max: 30 ˚C   Min: 23 ˚C
February    -   Max: 31 ˚C   Min: 24 ˚C March        -   Max: 32 ˚C   Min: 25 ˚C

April         -   Max: 32˚C    Min: 25 ˚C

May          -    Max: 31 ˚C   Min: 26 ˚C
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Colombo History - Colombo

Colombo History

Originally known as "Kolon Thota" (port on the river Kelani), it is said that Colombo also got its name via "Kola Amba Thota" which means 'harbor with leafy mango trees' in Sinhala.
Colombo at one point was a seaport used by Arab, Moor, Chinese and Persian ships due to its strategic position...

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Colombo Residents - Colombo

Colombo Residents

The people are a mix of all races – Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Bergher (Dutch and British descendants), all co-exisitng in peace and harmony. Lifestyles may vary from the rich and the famous to those living in shanties. But one thing that is common amongst all is their welcoming and friendly...

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Colombo Today - Colombo

Colombo Today

Colombo is the commercial and financial capital of Sri Lanka, and is located in the Western Province, along the coast. The temperature on average is 27C and can go up to 31C in April-May-June.

Colombo’s Area 1,2,3,4 and 10 are home to many of the banks and headquarters of most...

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Fast Facts - Colombo

Fast Facts

-Location: South Asia
-Dialling code: +94 -Emergency numbers:
Police: 01124333333
Fire: 01124222222
Ambulance: 0112691111
Tourist Information Helpdesk: 0112421052
Airport Enquiry: 0112252861
-Population: 20,238,000Read More

Public Holidays - Colombo

Public Holidays

1 Jan - New Year's Day.

** Tamil Thai Pongal Day

** Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day.

4 Feb - National Day.

** Navam Full Moon Poya Day.

** Maha Sivarathri Day.

** Medin Full Moon Poya Day.

** Milad un-Nabi (Birth of...

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Visa Information - Colombo

Visa Information

Citizens of selected countries may obtain visas at the Airport for a 30-day period. Other countries require the visa to be obtained prior to arrival at Colombo. Please contact the Sri Lankan High Commission/Embassy, tourist office or your travel agent for more information.
Your passport...

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When to go - Colombo

When to go

Considering rainfall and temperature, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is from November to April. ...

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